Dr. Armstrong’s Fall 2018 office hours are Monday 2:00-5:00. HBR 208. The open office with many colors — and snacks.




To see a syllabus for any of the courses below, contact Dr. Armstrong at jba@usfsp.edu

Current Courses (Fall 2018):

AML 3041: American Literature, 1860-Present. MW 12:30-1:45.

This course surveys American Literature from 1860 to the present, covering multiple genres, movements, themes, and figures. Our purpose is to build skills in critical reading and writing. We will analyze texts aesthetically and rhetorically, examine the circumstances of their production and circulation, and situate them within various historical and cultural contexts. As a final project, students will create a multi-modal essay of their personal, family, and/or community history in conversation with American literature.

AML 4933: Studies in American Literature and Culture: Florida and the Global South. T 2:00-4:45.

This course surveys literature and literary criticism related to Florida. The term “Florida literature” connects to a sense of place, but how do we define, or mark, our place? Some of the earliest critical formulations viewed Florida literature as a distinctive, yet related, subset of national or regional writing – an odd cousin to Southern literature. More recent work scholarship situates it alongside writing from the Black Atlantic and/or Caribbean – an exciting way to explore the “Global South.” How does changing where we see Florida on a map change what we mean by place, identity, literature, and culture? As a final project, students will write essays — and present their work — in dialogue with the critical conversation on Florida, its history, and its literature.

Future Courses (Spring 2019):

AML 4931: American Literary Movements and Genres: Civil Rights Movement Literature. MW 2:00-3:15

ENG 4950: Senior Portfolio. M 6:00-8:45.

Other Courses in Rotation:

AML 3604: African American Literature

AML 4300: Selected American Writers (Previous Topic: Toni Morrison and August Wilson)

AML 6027 (Graduate Course): Research and Teaching American Literature

AML 6608 (Graduate Course): Research and Teaching African American Literature

ENC 3445: Introduction to the English Major

ENG 4042: Studies in Criticism and Theory (Previous Topic: Critical Race Theory)

IDH 4000 (Honors Seminar): Racial Violence and Memory (Previous Topics: Marking Violence in Florida, and Trayvon Martin: A Backstory)

LIT 3353: Literature, Race, and Ethnicity (Previous Topics: Graphic Narratives and Human Rights, and The Charleston Syllabus)