Dr. Armstrong’s Fall 2018 office hours are Monday 2:00-5:00. HBR 208. The open office with many colors — and snacks.

To see a syllabus for any of the courses below, contact Dr. Armstrong at jba@usfsp.edu

Future Courses (Fall 2020):

ENG 3014, Introduction to Literary Methodology, ONLINE

ENG 4950, Senior Portfolio, ONLINE

Other Courses in Rotation:

AML 3041: American Literature, 1860-Present

AML 3604: African American Literature

AML 4300: Selected American Writers (Previous Topics: Toni Morrison and August Wilson, Toni Morrison and James Baldwin

AML 4931: American Literary Movements and Genres: Civil Rights Movement Literature

AML 4933: Studies in American Literature and Culture: Florida and the Global South

AML 6027 (Graduate Course): Research and Teaching American Literature

AML 6608 (Graduate Course): Research and Teaching African American Literature

ENC 3445: Introduction to the English Major

ENG 4042: Studies in Criticism and Theory (Previous Topic: Critical Race Theory)

IDH 4000 (Honors Seminar): Racial Violence and Memory (Previous Topics: Marking Violence in Florida, and Trayvon Martin: A Backstory)

LIT 3353: Literature, Race, and Ethnicity (Previous Topics: Graphic Narratives and Human Rights, and The Charleston Syllabus)