Cambridge Companion to American Civil Rights Literature

Edited collection of scholarly essays on key genres, themes, and critical approaches to civil rights movement literature.

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From reviews:

“… an accessible, engaging, and valuable introduction to the literature of civil rights.”
L. E. von Wallmenich, Choice

“The collection could be a primary text in English courses about the civil right movement or used selectively in fields as wide-ranging as film studies, women’s studies, gender and queer studies, black studies, and history.” Kristopher Burrell, The Journal of Southern History

“The collection deftly integrates imperative approaches to canonical works with compelling arguments for the consideration of less regarded texts. Followed by an instructive bibliography, this collection resonates as an invitation for further dialogue and delivers an interdisciplinary grounding upon which future works will surely flourish.” Zachary Manditch-Prottas, Callaloo