Community Engagement

Historical marker for John Evans, lynched in 1914 in St. Petersburg, FL

Pinellas Remembers, a Community Remembrance Project Coalition. This Equal Justice Initiative affiliate group believes that publicly confronting the devastating history of racial terror lynching in our own community is an essential step towards recovery, healing and racial reconciliation needed to create a more just society. Pinellas Remembers believes that deep traumatic and psychological wounds of racial terror lynching continue to impact the Black community. We believe that truth and reconciliation follow one another and we are compelled to honestly and soberly recognize the pain of the past.

Team of USF researchers walks the site of a former Black burial ground in St. Petersburg, now under I-175 and Tropicana Field. Photograph by David Shedden.

The African American Burial Grounds and Remembering Project is a USF-grant funded, interdisciplinary team examining the history of erased Black cemeteries in Tampa Bay. Our primary goals are aligning the passion and expertise of a USF faculty-student network with the interests and lived experiences of Tampa Bay’s people, communities, and businesses, and leveraging this energy to facilitate a change in how we educate and learn about our home-town history, especially ways of remembering and addressing a traumatic past. This work requires that we uncover racial wounds long covered in silence and move toward repair and healing.