Selected Course Syllabi

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ENG 4042: Studies in Criticism and Theory: Critical Race Theory

LIT 2000: Introduction to Literature

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AML 6027-S17 Studies in American Literature: Research and Teaching American Literature (Spring 2017)

LIT 3353-F16 Literature, Race, and Ethnicity: The Charleston Syllabus (Fall 2016)

AML3604-S15 African American Literature (Spring 2015)

AML4300-S15 Selected American Writers: Toni Morrison and August Wilson (Spring 2015)

AML4933-F014 Studies in American Literature and Culture: Civil Rights and Sites of Memory (Fall 2014)

ENG6009-F014 Introduction to Graduate Study (Fall 2014)

ENG 4950-F014 Senior Portfolio (Fall and Spring 2014)

IDH4000-Sp-14 Honors Seminar: Racial Violence and Reconciliation (Spring 2014)